9th National Conference of the Academy of Regional Anaesthesia of India

Organized by Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore – India.

  • 4th July CME @ Le Meridien / Isha Yoga Centre

  • 5th - 6th July Conference / Le Meridien, Coimbatore

  • 6th July Live Nerve Block Workshop (Transmission from Ganga Hospital to Le Meridien)

  • Hands on Workshop

    3rd July, Venue: PSG Hospital

    7th July, Venue: Ganga Hospital, PSG Hospital, GEM Hospital, KMCH, CMCH, GKNM

AORA Sonosite Fellowship Exam

The fellowship is open only to Indian Citizens

Date: 6th July Saturday
Time: 6.15 to 7.15 pm
Venue: Crystal Hall, Le Meridien

AORA Sonosite Fellowship Rules and Regulations

  1. 01
    The 6 day AORA – SONOSITE Fellowship is primarily intended to encourage and inspire young anesthesiologists in India to make regional anesthesia a strong part of their skill set. It also offers an insight into the best practices in the field of regional anesthesia along with the opportunity to associate and network with experts in the field.
  2. 02
    Seven reputed institutions have agreed to participate in this fellowship/observership program (Listed below with the respective course director)
    • Care Hospitals, Hyderabad (Dr TVS Gopal)
    • Children Anaesthesia Services - Ultrasound guidance from preterm to adolescents(Dr Vrushali Ponde)
    • Ganga Medical Centre Hospitals, Coimbatore (Dr Balavenkatasubramanian)
    • Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon (Dr Deep Arora)
    • Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Puducherry (Dr Sivashanmugam T)
    • People Tree Hospitals,Goraguntepalya, Bangalore. (Dr Amjad Maniar)
    • Sancheti Hospital, Pune (Dr Sandeep Diwan)
  3. 03
    Selection of the candidates will be done through a written examination that will be held during the annual AORA Annual conference.
  4. 04
    The examination is open to post graduate students in anesthesia and also to anesthesiology post graduates who have completed up to 2 years post MD and up to 3 years post DA.
  5. 05
    Registration to the ongoing AORA annual conference is mandatory.
  6. 06
    Selection of the candidates will be based on the results of the examination. Selection of the institution will be based on the preference stated by the candidate during the examination. The highest rank candidate will be offered the institution of his choice, and so forth.
  7. 07
    The examination will consist of 60 multiple choice questions that require to be answered in 60 minutes. The questions will involve topics related to regional anesthesia. This includes (but not limited to), anatomy, pharmacology, physics of ultrasound and nerve stimulation, equipment, current clinical practices and advances. There will be no negative marking.
  8. 08
    Results of the examination and placement of the candidates will be announced within a week of the examination.
  9. 09
    The AORA-Sonosite fellowship offers funding up to Rs 25,000 for each candidate. This will be offered to fund travel (flight/train/bus) and accommodation expenses (only) to the selected centre. All other expenses need to be borne by the candidate. Expenses beyond Rs. 25,000 will have to be borne by the candidate. Booking of flights and accommodation will have to be done by the candidate and the reimbursement will be done later.
  10. 10
    Reimbursement will be done after the completion of the fellowship on submission of the following documents over email
    • Course completion letter issued by the training hospital.
    • Submission of bills related to travel and accommodation only.
    • Feedback letter by the candidate on the conduct of the course.
  11. 11
    The fellowship needs to be completed within the same calendar year. Eg.Candidates who appear for the entrance examination in AORA 2019 will have to complete the fellowship by December 31st 2019. A convenient date for the fellowship can be decided based on discussion with the fellowship director after the selection process has been completed.
  12. 12
    Dates for the intended fellowship must be confirmed within 3 weeks of selection. Inability to do so will result in the candidate being considered for default.
  13. 13
    If any selected candidate decides not to proceed after selection, the fellowship will then be offered to the next ranked candidate. AORA will not reconsider any application for the fellowship once defaulted.
  14. 14
    Official certificates for the fellowship will be given at a convocation during the subsequent AORA Annual Conference.
  15. 14
    This fellowship shall be offered and completed once by a candidate.
  16. 15
    Decisions on selection of the candidate will be done by the AORA Board/Academic Committee, based solely on the performance in the examination. Decisions made by the board/academic committee are final and binding.