9th National Conference of the Academy of Regional Anaesthesia of India

Organized by Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore – India.

  • 4th July CME @ Le Meridien / Isha Yoga Centre

  • 5th - 6th July Conference / Le Meridien, Coimbatore

  • 6th July Live Nerve Block Workshop (Transmission from Ganga Hospital to Le Meridien)

  • Hands on Workshop

    3rd July, Venue: PSG Hospital

    7th July, Venue: Ganga Hospital, PSG Hospital, GEM Hospital, KMCH, CMCH, GKNM

Quiz Corner

Brain Teaser 1:

Prelude to International Quiz @ AORA India 2019 - A Brain Teaser
I cut off all the electricity in the body but I am not an electrician. I control jiggle wiggle heart but I am not a magician. I repair ruff & tuff red tubes but I am not a plumber. Blown out mummies need me for deflation but I am not a pump. Brain roaring like a lion listens to me but I am not a circus ring master. According to my father who is a funny moron writing this Riddle, I am considered as elixir of modern Anaesthesia. Who am I?

Answer to Brain Teaser 1:

Magnesium Sulphate

Physiological calcium antagonist- the predominant mechanism of action. Cuts of all Ca++ induced depolarization- cuts of electricity & potential generation. Control jiggle wiggle heart- antiarrhythmic. Repair ruff & tuff red tubes- vasodiltor against vasoconstricted blood vessels. Blown out mummies- antiepileptic, antihypertensive, tocolytic. Roaring brain- control seizures. Mag in blown out mummies - I meant to say preeclampsia & eclampsia
why to consider this as greatest of great:
it can be used in acute pain, Chronic pain, adjuvant in spinal & nerve blocks, blunts haemodynamic response, prevents sympathetic hormones release from adrenal gland, anti-convulsant, antihypertensive, bronchodilator, vasodilator, tocolytic, antiarrhythmic.

Congratulations to the winners

  • Dr Vishnu, AIIMS, Delhi
  • Dr Balaji, KMCH, Coimbatore
  • Dr Anupama, Maharashtra
  • Dr Vikas Joshi, Hubli
  • Dr Pradeep, Salem
  • Dr Febin, Kerala
  • Dr Charu Sharma, Patiala
  • Dr Mritinjay, AIIMS, jodhpur
  • Dr Ramadevi, Madurai
  • Dr Sarika, Agra
  • Dr Deepak
  • Dr Chaithra, GANGA, Coimbatore
  • Dr Sunil Malik

Thank you all for phenomenal response