9th National Conference of the Academy of Regional Anaesthesia of India

Organized by Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore – India.

  • 4th July CME @ Le Meridien / Isha Yoga Centre

  • 5th - 6th July Conference / Le Meridien, Coimbatore

  • 6th July Live Nerve Block Workshop (Transmission from Ganga Hospital to Le Meridien)

  • Hands on Workshop

    3rd July, Venue: PSG Hospital

    7th July, Venue: Ganga Hospital, PSG Hospital, GEM Hospital, KMCH, CMCH, GKNM

Video Gallery

VIDEO SESSION How I do Session. USG Video Session

Quadratus Lumborum Block

Dr. Amit Dikshit, Pune

Intermediate Cervical Plexus Block

Dr. Sudhakar Koppad, Bangalore

Serratus Anterior Plane block

Prof. Michael Barrington, Australia

Continuous Erector Spinae Block in Thoracic region

Dr. Ramkumar, Bangalore

Erector Spinae block in Lower Lumbar region

Dr. Deep Arora, New Delhi

Ultrasound guided 4 in 1 block for knee and below knee surgeries

Dr. Ritesh Roy, Bhubaneshwar

Continuous perineural catheter for upper limb procedure

Dr Manikandan R, Canada

CONFERENCE DAY 02 Friday, 06 July 2019

Hall - A


Perineural, Subparaneural, Intracluster, Intraneural, Extrafascicular, Intrafascicular: Does the Terminology Really Matter?

Prof. Manoj Karmakar, Hong Kong


Floor Coordinators

Dr. Sudhakar Koppad, Bangalore
Dr. Harshal Wagh, Mumbai
Dr. Jesto Kurian, Kochi


Dr. TVS Gopal, Hyderabad
Dr. Sandeep Diwan, Pune
Dr. Vrushali Ponde, Mumbai
Dr. Amjad Maniar, Bangalore
Dr. J. Balavenkat, Coimbatore
Dr. Deep Arora, New Delhi
Dr. C. Sekar, Coimbatore
Dr. Surajit Giri, Sivsagar

Acute Compartment Syndrome And Regional Anesthesia

Dr. Luc Sermeus, Belgium

An update on Interfacial Plane Blocks: Anatomical concepts, mechanisms, techniques and indications

Prof. Michael Barrington, Australia

Optimal ultrasound guided needling skills - a method to make all blocks easier

Dr. Christopher Hugh Mitchell, Australia

The obese patient - a challenge for ultrasound-guided blocks

Prof. Paul Kessler, Germany

Procedure-specific postoperative pain management (PROSPECT)

Prof. Narinder Rawal, Sweden

Controversies in Regional Anesthesia

Dr. Adrian Bosenberg, USA

Anesthesia in ICRC & Resource limited Situations

GP CAPT Akshaya Kumar Baral, India